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Kasco Fountains

Everblue Pond is proud to carry Kasco fountains as part of our extraordinary lineup of pond and lake fountains. Kasco offers 2 main types of fountains:

  • Aerating Fountains: You'll want to explore the VFX Series below - This fountain series is made to aerate your pond or lake while offering a captivating umbrella shaped pattern and can be purchased in many different power options depending on the size of your pond. (1.5 HP per 1 Acre is a good rule of thumb!)
  • Decorative Fountains: You'll want to explore the J Series below- This fountain series includes multiple dramatic displays and power options with 5 interchangeable nozzles. 
Scroll down to shop these options and see why Kasco has established itself as a leading name in the industry. After you've chosen your fountain, go ahead and add some color changing lights to finish off your project! Have any questions along the way? Give us a call! 866-383-7258


  • Kasco J Series Floating Fountain - On Water With Beautiful Sunset Facing The Fountain
    Kasco J Series Floating Fountain Redwood spray pattern w/ optional lighting

    Kasco J Series Pond Fountain

    from $2,135.00

    Bring Your Pond To Life With The Kasco J Series Fountain!  Kasco's J Series Fountains redefine elegance and affordability, delivering stunning disp...

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    from $2,135.00