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Dock Bubbler De-Icers

Dock De-Icers - Pond De-Icers - Lake-De Icers

As winter blankets your waterfront property in a frosty embrace, ensuring the safety and accessibility of your dock becomes paramount.

Our carefully selected dock deicer bubblers provide effective solutions to combat ice buildup and maintain a clear waterway throughout the winter season.

Find the right dock bubbler to fit your needs so you can confidently protect your boat, marina, or dock and enjoy uninterrupted access to your waterfront oasis. 

If you're searching for a dock de-icer bubbler for sale, shop here to find your ideal ice eater to keep your dock and surroundings ice-free, worry-free, and fully functional.

Explore Everblue Pond's collection of pond bubblers for winter featuring top brands like Scott Aerator, Kasco, Power House, and J2 Outdoors. 

  • Kasco De-Icer Units Front View
    Kasco De-Icer In Snow Up Close View
    Kasco Kasco De-Icer
    from $893.00

    Winterproof Your Dock With A Kasco Bubbler Tired of dealing with ice around your dock? Have fish that need a little extra help to survive in t...

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    from $893.00
  • Scott Aerator Dock Mount De-Icer On Boat With Icy Water
    Scott Aerator Dock Mount De-Icer Mounted SIde View
    Scott Aerator Scott Aerator De-Icer
    from $969.00

    Be Prepared For Winter With The Scott Aerator Dock De-Icer In the winter months, the build-up of ice poses numerous challenges for boats, dock pili...

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    from $969.00
  • Bearon Aquatics Ice-Eater (De-Icer) Product Details
    Bearon Aquatics Ice-Eater All Models Front View (De-Icer)
    Bearon Aquatics Bearon Aquatics Ice-Eater
    from $1,065.00

    Keep Your Dock Area Open This Winter With The Bearon Aquatics Ice-Eater The Bearon Ice Eater operates on the principle of utilizing war...

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    from $1,065.00