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Bearon Aquatics Thermostat Controller

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Control Your Ice Eater Temperature With Bearon Aquatics Thermostat Controller

Optimize your Ice Eater's performance effortlessly with the Ambient Air Temperature Thermostat. Set your desired temperature range (0°F - 80°F), and let the thermostat seamlessly activate or deactivate the device in response to temperature fluctuations. Take charge of your Ice Eater economically by activating it only when the temperature drops below your specified threshold, ensuring efficient and cost-effective temperature control.

Bearon Aquatics Thermostat Controller In Weatherproof Demonstration

Product Details Of Your Ice Eater Thermostat

  • Not affected by surges and lightning strikes or power outages like a digital thermostat.
  • Convenient flip open clear cover protects from weather and damage.
  • Stainless Steel Coil and Portable Hanger
  • Moisture-Proof Box
  • 0°F to 80°F Temperature Range with +/- 2° Accuracy
  • 2.5° Differential
  • Made in USA
Bearon Aquatics Thermostat Controller With Plug - 115V
Bearon Aquatics Thermostat Controller - 230V Pigtail Cord
Model KT16110 (115V) Model KP16220 (230V)

Model KT16110 (0-80° Fahrenheit)

  • 115V Plug and Receptacle for in-line use.
  • So simple and easy to use! Just plug the portable thermostat into the wall outlet and then plug an Ice Eater into the back of the thermostat’s piggyback plug and set the temperature.
  • This portable thermostat will handle any of Bearon Aquatics 115V Ice Eaters.
  • A graduated temperature control unit that can be used anywhere you have a 115V outlet.
  • Comes with an 8-foot cord with a special piggyback plug

Model KP16220 (0-80° Fahrenheit)

  • This thermostat comes standard with pigtail ends (bare leads) only.
  • The longer pigtail (approximately 6’ lead) goes into the power source.
  • The short pigtail (approximately 1’ lead) connects to the Ice Eater’s power cord.
  • The longer pigtail can either have a NEMA 6-15P plug, twist-lock or be hard-wired directly to the power source.
  • The short pigtail can have a NEMA 6-15P Female plug attached.