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Keeton Industries ProLake Solaer 2.3 Solar Aeration System

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by ProLake

  • Solar powered - Can run day and night
  • Suggested pond side: Up to 3 acres
  • Features a high-efficiency solar panel, battery backup, and programmable digital timer

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Powered By The Sun: The Keeton Industries ProLake Solaer 2.3 Aeration System

Keeton's ProLake Solaer® series Solar Pond Aeration System stands out as the optimal selection for distant ponds and lakes, particularly in locations without available power or for those who prefer solar solutions.

The patented Solear® solar pond aeration systems come complete with a high efficiency solar panel, charge controller, battery back-up for running during nighttime hours, EcoFlow™ energy efficient compressor, high volume cooling fans, programmable digital timer and an adjustable aluminum manifold housed in an attractive, sound deadening cabinet. It will increase the oxygen demand and potentially raise the phosphorus and nitrogen levels for a short period of time.

What's Included

Everything you need is included with your Solaer Aeration System

  • Three Duraplate™ Diffusers
  • Two Solar Panel w/ Mounting Bracket
  • Two EcoFlow™ 24V Compressor
  • Sound Deadening Cabinet
  • Programmable Timer
  • 4 Valve Brushed Aluminum Manifold
  • 300ft of Weighted Tubing (Optional)
  • Comprehensive Warranty

Keeton Industries ProLake Solaer Aeration System

The Patented Solear Solar Powered Aeration System

Solaer’s powerful EcoFlow™ compressor delivers a strong payload of compressed air to our self-cleaning, never-clog Duraplate™ diffusers that keep your pond or lake clean and healthy throughout every season.

Solaer 2.3 Unit

  • 2 = Number of Compressors Included In The System
  • 3 = Number of Diffusers Included In The System
PROLAKE Solaer 2.3 Solar Aeration System - Cabinet Internal View

Duraplate Diffusers

Both ProLake™ and Solaer® pond aeration systems utilize the self-cleaning, non-clogging membrane diffusers specifically designed to create a large amount of laminar circulation to eliminate stratification. Pond diffusers also deliver a very high oxygen transfer rate to increase dissolved oxygen levels at all levels in the pond from the bottom of the pond to the surface. 

Duraplate™ diffusers never need to be removed for cleaning like many of the other diffuser designs on the market, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. The rotationally molded diffuser shell is also fishhook resistant, making them an ideal choice for fishing ponds and lakes. Diffusers also come in dual and quad set-ups for those larger jobs where single compressor layouts just aren’t enough.

  • Strongest Diffuser On The Market
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Non-Clogging
  • High Oxygen Transfer Rate
  • Increases Dissolved Oxygen
  • Lifetime Warranty
PROLAKE Solaer 2.3 Solar Aeration System - Diffuser

Alpine Self-Weighted Airline (Optional)

The Alpine™ Self-Weighted Airlines for solar or electric aeration offers the perfect balance of flexibility and weight. Alpine™ airline sinks directly to the bottom and will not kink or break. Alpine tubing is a high density, flexible tubing that features a thick, ¼” sidewall.

  • Self-Weighted
  • Durable
  • Lifetime Warranty
ProLake Alpine Self-Weighted Airline

Level-Aer Equipment Pad (Optional)

ProLake™ Level-Aer™ Equipment Pads, made from a high-density plastic, are a great way to ensure that your system is on a sturdy durable surface without having to use concrete or other heavy construction materials.

  • Levels & Protects All Makes of Compressor Cabinets
  • Constructed With High Density Plastic
  • Keeps Weeds & Debris From Entering the Compressor Cabinet
  • Lifetime Warranty
PROLAKE Solaer 2.3 Solar Aeration System - Equipment Pad

ProLake Solaer 2.3 Solar Aeration System Technical Specifications

Aeration System Solaer® 2.3
Item Number SB-2.3
Maximum Pond Size Up To 3 Acres
EcoFlow™ 24V Compressor Included 2
Duraplate™ Diffusers Included 3
Maximum Diffuser Depth 25 Feet
EcoFlow™ Compressor Watts 48 Watts
Solar Panel w/ Mounting Bracket 2-24 Volt Panel
Max CFM Up To 2.0
12V Deep Cycle AGM 115 AH Batteries 4
Alpine™ 1/2" Weighted Airline Optional
3" Schedule 40 Mounting Pole (Required) Not Included
Programmable Timer 1
Manifold 2-2 Port
Cooling Fan 1
Level-Aer™ Equipment Pad (Suggested) Optional
Decibels / Operational Sound 50/60 DB
Complete Product Warranty 2 Years
EcoFlow™ 24V Compressor Warranty 2 Years
Alpine™ ½" Weighted Airline Warranty Lifetime
Cabinet Warranty 2 Years
Duraplate™ Diffuser Warranty Lifetime

Solar Pond Aeration FAQs

Will solar aerators run at night?

The patented battery backup systems are the ONLY solar aeration system that can operate day and night, for as long as 20 hours. Other aeration systems that are on the market can only run while the sun is shining.

When I install an aeration system, can I expect any initial negative impact on water quality?

When an aeration system is initially installed, there will be a period of time where the aerator will draw up large amounts of poor-quality water and some organic debris from the bottom that can have an impact on the water quality. It will increase the oxygen demand and potentially raise the phosphorus and nitrogen levels for a short period of time. This is a critical time for the lake, but as long as the aeration system is running, it will be able to combat these issues and, in time, the lake will turn around.

Do I need an aeration system for my pond or lake?

Most ponds and lakes can benefit from the addition of an aeration system. After many years of research, we believe that aeration is the foundation for improving and maintaining proper water quality in ponds and lakes. Lake bed aeration acts to increase dissolved oxygen levels, while eliminating water stratification.

How long does a solar aerator take to clear a pond?

Changes will take place in your pond immediately after starting up an aeration system, no matter if it is electric or solar. However, in typical situations, it will take about 6 weeks to actually see the improvements.

During winter, will the hole in the ice, from the aeration system, pose a risk to people/animals who go out on the ice?

Most ponds and lakes that are using an aeration system, in the winter, are trying to help the aquatic environment beneath the ice, increase water quality for the fish and aquatic plants and/or decrease sludge. Never try and walk on the ice. It is potentially hazardous, because the ice is weak and you may fall thru. A warning sign may be required by local regulations.