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PondSelect Classic Mini Series Pond Fountain

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Transform Your Pond with the PondSelect Classic Mini Series Small Pond Fountain

The PondSelect Classic Mini Series Pond Fountain is the ideal solution for pond owners seeking to add a touch of elegance and functionality to their water features. This compact yet powerful fountain is designed to create beautiful water displays while also promoting a healthier pond ecosystem. Its durable construction ensures it withstands the elements, while the energy-efficient pump helps keep operational costs low.

The included adjustable nozzles provide flexibility in creating different water patterns, allowing you to customize the look of your pond to suit your taste. Installation is made simple with user-friendly instructions and all necessary parts provided, meaning you can have your fountain up and running in no time.

Also available in Classic Series 1/2 HP - 1.5 HP

What's Included

Everything you need is included with your Classic Mini Pond Fountain.

  • Fountain Motor Pump
  • Roto Molded Motor Float
  • 5 Nozzle Sprays
  • Power Cable
  • Mooring Rope
  • 2-Year Motor Warranty
  • Optional: Timer, Led Light Kit, and Mesh Filter Cage

Classic Mini Pond Fountain Included Spray Patterns

PondSelect Classic Series Pond Fountain - Gusher Spray Pattern PondSelect Classic Series Pond Fountain - Palm Spray Pattern PondSelect Classic Series Pond Fountain - Trumpet Jet Spray Pattern PondSelect Classic Series Pond Fountain - Trumpet Spray Pattern PondSelect Classic Series Pond Fountain - Wide Plume Spray Pattern
Spray Pattern Gusher Palm Trumpet Jet Trumpet Wide Plume
1/3 HP (Mini) Spray Dimensions Height: 6' | Width: 2' Height: 5' | Width: 14' Height: 5' | Width: 14' Height: 5' | Width: 7' Height: 2' | Width: 14'

PondSelect Classic Mini Series Motor Pump

The PondSelect Classic Mini Series 1/3 HP Motor Pump is a versatile and efficient water pump specifically engineered to cater to a wide range of pond applications, ensuring your pond remains vibrant, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing. This high-performance pump is the perfect addition to any pond setup, whether you're a casual hobbyist or a dedicated pond enthusiast.

  • Compact Design: The Classic Mini Series Motor Pump is designed to be small and compact, making it easy to install in tight spaces and suitable for small to medium-sized ponds.
  • 115 Volt Compatibility: Designed for standard household electrical outlets, simplifying installation and power connection.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of continuous water circulation, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • 2-Year Warranty: Backed by a manufacturer's warranty for two years, providing peace of mind regarding product quality and reliability.

Please note: The PondSelect Classic Series Motor Pump is not intended for use in swimming pools.

PondSelect Classic Series Motor Pump

PondSelect Fountain Float

The PondSelect Fountain Float is 30 inches and has been roto-molded. It includes all the necessary mounting inserts for an easy installation, including holes for their lighting kits and the soft mesh cage add-on!

PondSelect Pond Fountain Float

PondSelect Optional Led Light Kits

Optional LED Light Kits

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor water feature with the PondSelect LED Fountain Lighting. This premium lighting solution is designed to illuminate fountains, ponds, and other water features with brilliant, vibrant colors, creating a mesmerizing night-time display.

Available in:

6 Watt White Lights

9 Watt Color Changing Lights

PondSelect Optional Waterproof Timers

Optional Waterproof Timers

Simplify your shopping experience by opting for one of our outdoor timers, offering added convenience. Whether you choose the Tork or Dewenwils timers, both are ideal companions for any of our 115-volt fountains.

Tork Timer: This timer features two grounded outlets, a 6-inch cord for easy placement, variable timing options with manual and timer switches, and daily repeat schedules, helping conserve energy by automatically controlling outdoor displays.

Dewenwils Timer: This outdoor timer provides 48 daily power adjustments in 30-minute intervals, accommodating three-prong plugs with a 15-Amp circuit breaker and a lockable side cover for convenient access to outlets and controls.

PondSelect Mesh Cage

Optional Mesh Cage

Keep everything but water out with PondSelect Soft Mesh Cage. By adding a cage to your floating pond fountain, you ensure that algae, sticks, or debris won't obstruct the pump. Crafted from durable nylon mesh fabric, the soft mesh cage provides reliable protection.

Classic Mini Series Floating Pond Fountain Technical Specifications

Motor 1/3 HP Motor (Mini Fountain)
Flow Rate 4,200 Gallons Per Hour
Float Size (Diameter) 30 Inches
Voltage 115V
Watts 290 Watts
Amps 2.6 Amps
Mooring Rope (Included) 75 Feet of Nylon Rope
Included Spray Patterns Trumpet, Gusher, Trumpet Jet, Palm, Wide Plume
Optional Lighting Kits 6 Watt White Lights, 9 Watt Color Changing Lights
Optional Timers Tork Outdoor Timer or Dewenwils Timer
Optional Filter Soft Mesh Filter
Suggested Pond Size 60' x 60'
Minimum Operating Depth 24 Inches
Warranty 2-Year