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Bearon Aquatics Olympus Fountain

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A Fountain Fit For Gods: Bearon Aquatics Olympus Pond Fountain

Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Bearon Aquatics' Olympus Fountain, a tribute to the legendary gods and goddesses of ancient mythology. With its ten distinct patterns reminiscent of divine elegance, this fountain promises to elevate the ambiance of your lake or pond. What sets it apart is its ingenious design, engineered to deliver stunning displays while consuming minimal horsepower and amperage, ensuring cost-effective operation without compromising on spectacle.

From unboxing to installation, the Olympus Fountain offers a hassle-free experience. Pre-assembled and ready to grace your water body, it swiftly transforms any aquatic landscape into a scene of mesmerizing beauty. Anchored securely with provided mooring lines and cinder blocks, its large round float ensures stability, allowing you to enjoy its splendor with peace of mind.

Customization is at the heart of the Olympus Fountain experience. With motor options ranging from 1/3HP to 3HP and a selection of ten unique nozzles, you have the power to tailor the fountain's spray height, diameter, and pattern to suit your preferences. Plus, changing nozzles is as effortless as a twist, granting you the freedom to refresh your fountain's appearance at a whim.

What's Included With Your Olympus Fountain

Everything you need is included with your Olympus Fountain and more!

  • 115-Volt or 230-Volt Motor
  • Float Ring Support
  • Two Mooring Ropes for Anchoring
  • Three Nozzle Patterns
  • 3-year motor warranty
  • Installation Instructions

Olympus Series Display Floating Pond Fountain Details

Bearon Aquatics Aphrodite Nozzle Spray
Bearon Aquatics Artemis Nozzle Spray
Bearon Aquatics Athena Nozzle Spray
Bearon Aquatics Aurora Nozzle Spray
Bearon Aquatics Eros Nozzle Spray
Nozzle Spray Pattern Aphrodite Artemis Athena Aurora Eros
Sample Video Watch Now Watch Now Watch Now Watch Now Watch Now
1/3 HP Pattern Dimensions 11’ UH x 8’ LH x 24’ D 10’ UH x 5’ LH x 30’ D 11’ UH x 8’ LH x 30’ D 8’ UH x 2’-6” LH x 10’ D 8’6” UH x 7’ LH x 15’ D
1/2 HP Pattern Dimensions N/A 11’ UH x 7’ LH x 30’ D 13’ UH x 10 .5’ LH x 40’ D N/A N/A
1 HP Pattern Dimensions
N/A 12’ UH x 8’ LH x 35’ D 13’ UH x 10 .5’ LH x 40’ D N/A N/A
1.5 HP Pattern Dimensions N/A 18’ UH x 11’ LH x 45’ D (230V) 20’ UH x 12’ LH x 45’ D (230V) N/A N/A
3 HP Pattern Dimensions
N/A 20’ UH x 13’ LH x 45’ D (230V) 20’ UH x 13’ LH x 45’ D (230V) N/A N/A

Bearon Aquatics Hermes Nozzle Spray
Bearon Aquatics Orion Nozzle Spray
Bearon Aquatics Pontus Nozzle Spray
Bearon Aquatics Poseidon Nozzle Spray
Bearon Aquatics Zeus Nozzle Spray
Nozzle Spray Pattern Hermes Orion Pontus Poseidon Zeus
Sample Video Watch Now Watch Now Watch Now Watch Now N/A
1/3 HP Pattern Dimensions 11’ H x 7’ D 7’ H x 30’ D N/A 11’UH x 9’ LH x 30’D N/A
1/2 HP Pattern Dimensions 13’ H x 5’ D 8’ H x 30’ D N/A 11’UH x 7’LH x 30’D N/A
1 HP Pattern Dimensions
15’ H x 5’ D 8’ H x 40’ D N/A 11’UH X 8’LH X 35’D N/A
1.5 HP Pattern Dimensions 22’ H x 5’ D (230V) 11’ H x 50’ D (230V) 16’ UH x 12’LH x 22’D 21’UH X 12’LH X 45’D (230V) 13’H X 10’ D
3 HP Pattern Dimensions
N/A 11’ H x 30’ D (230V) 25’UH x 14’LH x 20’D N/A 17’H X 12’D

How Do Floating Olympus Fountains Work?

The Olympus Fountain, supported by a large float, is easily anchored to your lake or pond using provided mooring lines and cinder blocks. With a quick setup time, it features a powerful, energy-efficient motor and pump, offering various spray patterns tailored to your preferences. Motor options include .33HP, .5HP, 1HP, 1.5HP, and 3HP.

Choose from ten different nozzles, each pre-assembled with the fountain, and easily interchangeable without tools. Explore different spray patterns at your convenience, they are as easy as changing a light bulb!

Floating Olympus Fountain Float Motor

Optional Color Changing LED Lights

Transform your aquatic paradise withΒ Bearon Aquatics' Color Changing LED Lights, available as a set or individually for the stunning Olympus Fountain. Effortless installation awaits, thanks to the ingeniously designed light plate. Just remove the nozzle, place the plate on the fountain's crown, secure the nozzle, plug it in, and voila! Watch as your water feature comes alive with captivating colors.

Complete with a user-friendly timer and a convenient remote control, programming your illuminated oasis has never been this simple.

Bearon Aquatics Color Changing LED Lights

Optional Dual Timer

Experience enhanced control with the Bearon Aquatics weather-sealed timer, featuringΒ dual timersΒ for independent management of two devices, whether it's your water feature or lights. This unit comes 100% pre-wired, equipped with a convenient 5' Pigtail (male) plug and two female connectors, seamlessly adaptable for your fountain, lighting, pool, or water irrigation system. Enjoy simplified and efficient device management with Bearon Aquatics.

Each timer can be set in 15-minute increments, has a manual override switch, and offers you the ability to set two start/stop times.

Bearon Aquatics Optional Dual Timer

Olympus Series Display Floating Pond Fountain Technical Specifications

1/3 HP 1/2 HP 1 HP 1.5 HP 3 HP
Min. Depth 24" 24" 36" 36" 48"
Phase Single Single Single Single Single
Voltage 115V or 230V 115V or 230V 115V or 230V 230V 230V
Running Amps 7.8 7.8 8.9 9.7 9.4
Watts 897 897 1023 2231 2231
RPM 3450 3450 3450 3450 3450
Cord Size 12/3 12/3 12/3 12/4 12/4
kWh 0.9 0.9 1.70 1.94 2.16
Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Motor Warranty 3-year 3-year 3-year 3-year 3-year

Olympus Fountains FAQs

What is the warranty on the Olympus Fountain?

The Olympus Fountain comes with a 3-year limited warranty from the date of manufacture.

What comes with the Olympus Fountain?

Olympus Fountains arrive on a pallet and are ready to go. Fountains arrive at your location upside-down. You turn the fountain right side up and drop the fountain into the water. Float the unit to the desired location in your pond, anchor it with cinder blocks, and plug it into your electrical outlet. Olympus Fountain comes complete with your specified length of power cord and favorite pattern! Fixed Base Shallow Pond versions of the Olympus Fountains naturally sit on the bottom of your lined or concrete bottom fountain without the need for anchoring. These are also ready to go upon arrival to your doorstep but are not recommended for mucky and deep-water applications.

Can I get every Olympus pattern in every size fountain?

To ensure top performance and energy efficiency, we have made certain patterns exclusive to each particular size fountain.

How do I know which products best fit the needs of my lake/pond?

Size, depth, and water conditions are only a few factors determining which products will best satisfy your ponds’ needs. With extensive knowledge and years of experience, our professionals will work with you. They know the right questions to ask and will easily determine which product, size, and application you need.

Can I run my fountain year-round?

We recommend that you remove your equipment from the water during the freezing months and that you store it in a place where the temperature stays above freezing. If you are lucky enough to have temperatures that stay above freezing, feel free to enjoy your unit year-round, but also, can we come to visit? 😊

How do I anchor my Olympus Fountain?

We recommend using a cinder block tied to each mooring line, firmly placed on pond/lake bottom, and at a 45Β° angle for floating Olympus Fountains. Fixed Bases versions stay in place pretty well without help because they sit on the bottom.

My Olympus Fountain stops running or runs much slower than normal when I plug in another machine. Why?

Your Olympus Fountain is sharing the same circuit as another machine, which is causing the problem. You need a dedicated line for an Olympus Fountain and the proper voltage to match. Plugging into outlets with lower Amps could cause a problem.