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Airmax SolarSeries Aeration System Battery Backup

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by Airmax
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From Sunlight to Healthy Ponds: Airmax SolarSeries Aeration System with Battery Backup

Airmax SolarSeries Aeration System with Battery Backup is the premier solar pond aerator designed for efficiency and reliability. Ideal for remote ponds or those seeking alternative energy options, these systems operate effectively year-round, including during winter and low-light conditions.

Engineered to exacting standards, The SolarSeries system ensures long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance and quiet operation. Equipped with Battery Backup systems, they can run for up to 24 hours on stored energy, even in dim light, offering a sustainable, zero-operating-cost solution.

By promoting oxygenation and circulation, Airmax aeration systems improve water quality, reducing sediment buildup and fostering clearer, healthier ponds and lakes. With their role in the Airmax Ecosystem, these systems contribute to comprehensive pond management, backed by industry-leading expertise.

Manufactured in the USA, Airmax Aeration Systems feature high-performance components, embodying reliability and quality.

SolarSeries Aeration System Battery Backup Details

Battery Backup - The SolarSeries Battery Backup aeration system uses a 24V DC compressor and two 12V batteries for up to 24 hours of nightly operation, improving pond health by reducing muck, clarifying water, controlling algae, and supporting fish health.

Lockable Powder-Coated Aluminum Cabinet - The battery backup system comes in a durable aluminum cabinet with a tamper-proof locking lid. It features advanced filtration and cooling technology, including a cooling fan, for optimal performance. Elevated base protects against floods.

American-Made Solar Panels - Airmax SolarSeries pond aerators feature two high-quality American-made solar panels for maximum performance, even in low-light conditions. They can be installed at the water's edge or up to 1/4 mile away from the pond.

Easy Installation - The exclusive EasyMount system is preassembled for easy panel installation. Constructed from powder-coated, military-grade aluminum, it's corrosion-resistant, strong, and lightweight.

ProAir 2 Weighted Diffusers - The ProAir 2 Weighted Diffusers release tiny oxygen bubbles into the water, providing maximum oxygen uptake. They feature high-efficiency membrane sticks, eliminating cracking and acid-washing issues of air stones. Integrated check valve prevents water backflow during shutdowns. Covered by a 5-year warranty.

Airflow Manifold Assembly - Airmax simplifies airflow with a 2-port manifold for individual diffusers, including nickel-plated ball valves, a pressure gauge, and relief valve. The SolarSeries SS20-BB aerator comes configured for 5/8" airlines, available with or without 200' of airline, with a 5-year warranty.

Airmax SolarSeries Aeration System Battery Backup - Pond Side

What's Included with Airmax SolarSeries Aeration System Battery Backup

Airmax SolarSeries Aeration System Backup Air Compressor

Direct Drive Air Compressor

Solar energy provides power to the aeration system during daylight hours and charges the batteries.

Airmax SolarSeries Aeration System Battery

Battery Backup

Two 12-volt AGM batteries that store energy during the day (even in low-light conditions) and power the system at night, for up to 24 hours of operation.

Airmax SolarSeries Aeration System MPPT Controller

MPPT Smart Controller

Bluetooth technology allows you to monitor run-time as well as view system charging status, voltage, and amperage, all from your smartphone.

Airmax SolarSeries Aeration System Aluminum Cabinet

Large Durable Aluminum Cabinet

Powder-coated aluminum cabinet features a tamper-proof design for long-lasting equipment protection and security.

Airmax Solar Panels for Solar Series

EasyMount Solar Panels

The EasyMount Assembly system comes preassembled for simple installation of two American-made high-output solar panels that provide direct drive power to the aeration motor.

Airmax SolarSeries Aeration System Dual Air Filter Cabinet

Dual Air Filters

Air travels through an extra-large, integrated filter, and a compressor air filter, maximizing the performance and longevity of the system by protecting the compressors from outside contaminants.

Airmax ProAir Weighted Diffuser for Solar Series

Weighted Diffusers

ProAir 2 Weighted Diffusers have an innovative maintenance-free sled design that keeps them submerged in water while maintaining an upright position during installation.

Airmax Pressure Gauge Relief Valve for Solar Series

Pressure Gauge & Relief Valve

Each compressor includes a pressure gauge to help monitor system performance and a pressure relief valve to protect against excess back pressure.

Optional EasySet Airline

Elevate your aeration system's capabilities effortlessly with EasySet Airline. Crafted for underground use, the 5/8" direct burial airline ensures seamless oxygen distribution. Its self-weighted design facilitates easy sinking to the pond's bottom, optimizing aeration effectiveness. Built to last, this airline is puncture-resistant, guaranteeing years of uninterrupted service.

EasySet Airline for SolarSeries

Technical Specifications

Unit SS20-BB Model SS40-BB Model
Max Pond Size Up to 2 Acres Up to 4 Acres
Max Depth 20 Feet 20 Feet
Running Time Up to 24 Hours Up to 24 Hours
Compressor SilentAir Compressor 24V DC SilentAir Compressor 24V DC
Battery Type 12V AGM (x2) 12V AGM (x4)
Voltage 24V (DC) 24V (DC)
Solar Panel Type 2 Panels Monocrystalline (60 Cell) 4 Panels Monocrystalline (60 Cell)
Solar Panel Dimensions 75"L x 41.5"W x 1.57"H 75"L x 41.5"W x 1.57"H
Connector Type MC4 MC4
Diffuser Type (2) ProAir 2 Weighted Diffusers (4) ProAir 2 Weighted Diffusers
Airline (Optional) 5/8" I.D. Self-Weighted (Optional) 5/8" I.D. Self-Weighted
Airline Quantity No Airline or 200' (100' Roll x2) No Airline or 400' (100' Roll x4)
Cabinet Type Powder-Coated Aluminum
Composite Base
Powder-Coated Aluminum
Composite Base
Cabinet Dimensions 30.25"L x 28.75"W x 21"H 30.25"L x 28.75"W x 21"H
Cooling Fan Yes Yes
Mounting Pole Required
(Not Included)
2.5" DIA (2.875" O.D. / 2.47" I.D) x 10'L (min)
(1) Schedule 40 Galvanized Steel Pole
2.5" DIA (2.875" O.D. / 2.47" I.D) x 10'L (min)
(2) Schedule 40 Galvanized Steel Pole
dB Level
45-50 @ 5' 45-50 @ 5'
Warranty 3 years on Compressor, Electrical Components
& Mounting Hardware
3 years on Compressor, Electrical Components & Mounting Hardware
Diffusers & Airline Warranty
5 Years 5 Years
Solar Panels Warranty
Limited 25 Year Limited 25 Year
Aeration Cabinet Warranty
10 Years 10 Years
Battery Warranty
1 Year 1 Year